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VS: Mid-League Wrap Up 2019


It feels like just yesterday we were announcing our start of the year plans and all the new teams that would be joining our roster. Here we are, 5 months later and it’s time for the mid-year wrap-up! So much has happened and changed over the course of the first half of the year, let me take this opportunity to get you all up to speed and everything Omnius Gaming has been up to.

Overwatch Banner


After the first leg of the VS Gaming 2019 season, we unfortunately had to bid farewell to our Interitus roster as they moved on to other opportunities. Shortly thereafter, however, we announced the signing of a brand new roster - Thunderclap! This proved to be an amazing addition to our family, and they have been doing us nothing but proud since they joined our ranks.

Truly, their results speak for themselves. Shortly before joining Omnius Gaming, they secured their spot in the VSGL Overwatch Premiere Division. Their first leg with us was an excellent one. They began with a game against the toughest opponents in South Africa - Energy Esports. It was a swift 0-3, but it’s their first leg in the premiere division so they were not deterred by these results. In fact, they were only motivated to do better. This motivation lead them to a staggering 3-0 win against Ladon.Overwatch! Their next two matches were against more titans in the Overwatch scene - BerZerk 2CP and ATK unIDentified. Two more tough 0-3’s for Thunderclap, but they were again inspired by these matches and took their next two matches against Evo||Overwatch and DDC Dominion 3-0 and 3-1, respectively. Their final match of the leg was against Goliath Gaming, who sits tied with 2CP for third best team in the country. Another unfortunate 0-3, but they have maintained their spot in premiere division and are looking forward to leg 3 where they hope to improve even more!

Over the course of leg 2, not only did they start receiving coaching from a prominent Contenders coach, they also picked up a few more players for their roster, including: ClumsyCaity; GeneralSound; Aquatic; and Bandit.

The Mettlestate Pro Series Season 2 is currently underway, but you can follow the team’s progress here.

“We finished our run for the VSGaming Premier Division Leg 2 under the OG Banner 5th in the country and we're looking to break into the top 4/top 3 behind some fantastic coaching and a revitalised fervor to #Thunderclap our opposition.” - Deffect, Captain

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Call of Duty


Our Call of Duty team, Exitium, also showed amazing results throughout the VSGL COD Cup. During the group stages, they played against VAC; [BoB] - eC -, -eTd-, and ~WoW~; TEG; and VSM. They went undefeated during this stage and progressed to the elimination round. However, disaster struck as they the elimination round began. They won their first game to a forfeit, but their next game was against XvG Apathy. Around this time, one of their players suffered a loss in the family and was unable to play, so they were forced to play with a sub. They lost this match 1-3. Their next match was even more unfortunate as it was during peak load shedding and they were forced to play 3v5 versus EGSA. They lost this match and were unfortunately knocked out of the tournament.

“My team showed a massive amount of talent and I am proud of how far we came during the first cup. I do feel that if certain circumstances were different we could have been in the top 4. I am confident that if the CoD scene hadn't died down that we would have achieved our goal to compete at lan during the 2nd Call of Duty Cup." - Raikoux, Captain

Collateral Damage

Our other CoD team, Collateral Damage, also performed exceptionally well and produced excellent results. Much like their counterpart, they finished the group stages undefeated. Going through to the knockout rounds, they continued their undefeated streak. During this time, Collateral Damage lost a player and a sub. A replacement was desperately needed, but luckily they found a start in Chambie. With only one sub instead of two, they put all of their energy into practicing and adapting as much as possible to the new roster.

Collateral Damage completed the VS Cup with a flawless run, not dropping so much as a map. We couldn’t be more proud of them and what they have achieved!

It saddens us to report, however, that due to lack of support from the community it would appear that CoD on PC will no longer be supported by the VSGL. Our players have not given up though, and are looking for new opportunities to compete. Whether this will be in CoD or in another game remains to be seen.

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Apex Legends

In the wake of the CoD scene on PC falling to the wayside, many of our CoD players were searching for another game to grind and maybe even play competitively. When Apex Legends released, some of our players were overjoyed and quickly formed a team, taking any and every opportunity they could find to compete. While the formats of these competitions are not favourable due to a standard not yet having been set officially, our players had a lot of fun competing and brought home some favourable results along the way.

These are their results from the tournaments they participated in:

  • 1st ACGL tournament: 1st place.
  • Mettlestate Apex Test cup: 1st place tied with energy Esports.
  • 1st Sock Cup: 1st place.
  • ATK Arena Tournament: 4th place.
  • 2nd Sock Cup: 2nd place

Our Apex Legends team has been farming some incredible results. The scene is still developing and there are currently no custom servers which makes it difficult for tournament organisers but despite these challenges, tournaments are still happening and we’re confident our boys will continue to show the same fantastic results they’ve produced for us thus far.

“Results have been pretty good so far, we are hoping that custom servers come to Apex Legends soon as the kill race format has a ton of RNG stacked against you and is just not viable as a competitive format.” - Dire, Captain

Artifact Banner


Our Artifact player, Maru, has also been waving the Omnius Gaming banner proudly. In round 1 of the first VSGL Artifact Cup, he went completely undefeated in five best-of-one series’. Coming into round 2, which was the start of the playoffs, he received a BYE for his first game and unfortunately suffered a loss in the quarterfinals, ending his run in the cup. An unfortunate setback, but he performed incredibly well and we look forward to what results he will produce going forward!

CSGO Banner

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A newly formed team and they took leg one by storm! The began the leg in first division, winning their games against IvE Kingpins; Happy; Svrn; OK; BzK; and D4. In their entire run, they lost only one game, to Vinco.

While leg one was a massive success, leg two unfortunately did not go as well. They couldn't find their footing. Starstar forfeit their game but this would be the only victory we would have in leg two. Our CS:GO team took losses from Big 5; Exdee; Energy Esports; White Rabbit Gaming; Vinco; Goliath Gaming; Sin5; and Good Gaming.

Since then, they’ve made some roster changes and are looking forward to coming back even stronger in leg 3!

“In preparation for leg 3 we have undergone roster changes and we look towards topping first division so we can prove ourselves in prem once again” - bnY_, Captain

Our teams have gone above and beyond in this first half of the year. They have achieved outstanding results across the board and we could not be more proud of them. As we move closer to the VSGL finals, we are putting our full support behind our teams as they in turn put their everything into the upcoming games. We wish them the best of luck!

As always, none of this would be possible without the hard work, dedication and sacrifice of our fearless leader, Demonix. Thank you for believing in us and giving us the opportunity to represent Omnius Gaming - we won’t let you down!

Written by - Samantha "NaoriMizuki" Timms