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VS: Mid-League Wrap Up 2018

Leg two of the VS Gaming League has drawn to a close and we’d like to take this opportunity to look back on the triumphs, as well as the failures, of our beloved teams. It’s been an intense two months, hard battles were fought and while we celebrate the victors, we give our full support to those who did not fare as well and have immense faith that they will rise to the occasion in the coming legs. Let’s get started!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Team Somnium

Somnium came out the gate with an iffy start in leg one, losing their first game against LeetPro. It was what they needed as they came back firing, winning their next two matches against Ventus and VnCo! Sadly, White Rabbit Gaming (formerly, Pulse Gaming) would be the thorn in their side as they lost their next game to the esports giants. Their next game, versus Sin5, ended with a forfeit from Somnium as they were unable to field enough players and no alternative could be found. A devastating blow, followed by a defeat at the hands of ZAG, left Somnium anxious about how their last match would go. It was to be against Berzerk Gaming but, due to various scheduling issues, ended with a forfeit in favour Somnium. Despite the setback, Somnium were able to maintain their prem division spot, but due to many internal issues, they moved into leg two with trepidation and concern over their coming games.

Leg two’s start was just as turbulent as they were forced to forfeit their first game against ZAG, once again due to internal player issues - this was immediately followed by yet another forfeit against Severe. At this point the problems within the team were reaching a breaking point and they realised they needed to do something, and fast. Their next two games did not go well, as they lost to Sin5, as well as Energy Esports (formerly Skeletons). A forfeit from OK Blaze, due to internal issues of their own, saw the team through their next game and gave time to prepare for their next game against WRG. This game was unfortunately a walk over, due to WRG retiring from the league. Finally, their last game was against Ventus gaming. Regardless of everything that had happened before, they realised the importance of this next match and they were ready for a fight, however, the match was never played due to some misunderstandings and miscommunication. In the end, VS admin awarded Somnium the forfeit, adding an extra win to their pool. Regardless of all of the setbacks, Somnium have managed to hold onto their prem division spot! They have been trying to sort out their roster issues and we are excited to see how they bring it back in leg 3!

“I'm not going to lie, we had a rough time through the first 2 legs of the Premier League with internal team issues and thus we had to forfeit a few games and play others with only 4 players just to keep us from being disqualified. The previous line-up kind of fell apart because of communication issues between players and no dedication to a practice regiment. The players themselves are brilliant players and all of them are very talented but communication is a key part of the game and without it any team will go under. We have a new line up of talented and committed players coming in with the transfer window and we are really excited to be welcoming them to the organisation. The final line-up still has to be decided upon and an announcement will follow as soon as that has been done. The players have already been playing together and started practicing and thus I expect good things from them during the year. We're really excited for the rest of the season and we just want to say good luck and have fun to the other teams competing for Omnius” - Dirk “Ecks Dee” Mostert, Manager

Team Competence

Competence’s season started on a high note, filled with confidence and a belief that they could do well. The season began with a close series against White Rabbit Gaming Aspire, ending with a 2-1 loss. They did not let this get them down as they continued onto their next games against Fifth Descent, TCR Falcon and Glacier Black. They walked away from all three games with a win and Competence was looking good! Unfortunately, they next came up against LeetPro Voxity, a very strong team, and it showed as the Competence boys suffered a loss. For their next game against 4KEN their ignorance was their downfall - they were unaware of a certail rule and it caused the to lose the last map in the series, leaving the score tied at 1-1. The last game was to be played against Energy Academy but unfortunately Competence had to forfeit due to player issues. The first leg ended with some challenges, starting with their IGL (in game leader) being offered a fantastic opportunity elsewhere and while Competence were thrilled for their teammate, it left them with a hole they needed to fill. This was made worse by their longest standing member, Demonix, being in the midst of a move and during that time he was without internet. Demonix’s absence didn't end there - at the start of the second leg, he was still unable to join his team in their fight to the top. Competence still managed to finish 4th, holding onto their spot in first division and narrowly missing the window up to prem.

Competence moved into leg 2 and, after seeing the draw for their leg, they knew they were going to be in a really tough fight to keep their spot, all the while trying to rebuild their core. After a few roster shuffles, they dove into leg 2 undeterred, with their first match against Legacy, another close series that ended in a 2-1 loss. Moving into their next matches, they were set to face off against WRG Aspire and Element - the boys did us proud, bringing home the wins! Their next game was disappointing, ending in a loss against Berzerk Gaming, but it was followed up by excellent wins against Good Gaming Abacus and Rival Gaming. Their last match of the leg was an unfortunate loss to Aperture Gaming but despite the whirlwind, they came through in 4th place once again, still holding strong onto their first division spot!

With 3 players really stepping up and performing we managed to pick up some really good results in beating both WRG Aspire to avenge leg 1 and then Element the roster put together by Lichlord. Finishing 4th again would have been disappointing if not for the tough group we had. We are in a state of uncertainty with regards to our players and roster. We are certain about one thing though, we are going to finish our rebuilding and make sure that in the next leg or 2 you will see us up the rankings even further.

"At the midway point of the season I feel we have shown that our brand of CS is good, with notable players from masters teams at the 1337Lan giving us some compliments for our executes. We do, however, need to sort out our final 5 in the roster. The issues we faced made settling into a specific style of CS and the system I want my team to play hard, as it will require some stability and time. I am looking forward to the upcoming legs and anything less than making VSG Finals this year will be a disappointment" - Jonathan “owmo" Cox, Captain

Team Sphinx

The newest addition to the Omnius family - our all-female CS team! These ladies have been in ladder for the past 2 legs but they have been throwing the majority of their time into the Valkyrie Cup. Their first game in the all-female CS:GO cup was not great, as they suffered a large loss to LeetPro. Their next loss was to Nemesis Females but the margin was a lot smaller. All was not lost, however, as they came back with a victory over Vixens! Their next 3 games came with disappointing losses against Amaryllis Gaming, Bravado Finesse and ZAG Fearless. It’s not over yet though! With games still needing to be played, we have faith that our ladies will pull through! Over on the VS Gaming side, they’ve had some good ladder wins against Retaliation Esports RN-eXtr3me and Reacche-GTV, followed by a disappointing loss to Red Tiger Sports, and a forfeit from Vision.VcT. Overall it’s been a hectic run for Team Sphinx, trying to juggle VS Gaming and The Valkyrie Cup but the game’s not over yet! Give ‘em hell ladies!


Team Ominence

Ominence started the season off with a disappointing array of losses, due in part to roster issues and competing at what is currently the highest level of play in Overwatch South Africa. Their first 2 games were against two teams currently ranked in the top 3 teams in South Africa - Energy Esports Eden and Goliath Gaming Overwatch - which ended in losses both times for Ominence. Their next game was against NovaEx Rez, a team that were to retire from the league in the midst of leg 2. Another disappointing loss, which they believe they could have avoided but, due to shotcalling and synergy issues on the night, they were unable to bring their A-game. Their next 3 games were, of course, against some of the giants of SA Overwatch. WRG Boostios (currently ranked shared 1st place), unIDentified, and Pulse gaming (previously a top 3 team, now unfortunately having disbanded at the end of leg 2). These games were all losses for our boys. Their confidence was rocky and they were feeling the pressure of being amongst the top 8 teams, however, for their last match against LeetPro Phoenix Rising, they managed to secure the win. Despite this, they were unfortunately relegated down to first division. It was a hard leg for them, coming up against the best teams SA has to offer, but they were not discouraged. They moved into leg 2 with renewed vigor!

Leg 2 became stressful, due to their main tank and one of the “founding members” announcing that he would be leaving the team due to personal and work restraints. It was an immensely emotional time for Ominence and they needed to find a way to fill the hole that was left, as well as focus on their first division games. During the break between legs, they continued to play in the Blizzard Open Division, honing their synergy and strengths as a team. They came back to leg 2 with subs and a slightly wonky team, hoping to maintain their first div spot and maybe climb back into prem. Their first game, however, proved challenging. Going up against newcomers Kronic Underdogs, they suffered a disappointing loss but managed to bring it back with two consecutive wins against both NM.Validus and MCMC Overwatch. They were well on their way to achieving their goal. The next 2 matches were hard ones, suffering defeat at the hands of Project All Flex Rez and Prodigy Rez. Finally, they had a convincing win against Perseus Rez but for their very last game of the leg, LeetPro Phoenix Rising came back to even the score. It’s been a bumpy season so far for Ominence but they have managed to maintain their spot in first division.

“For this coming leg, we as a team are striving to come first in 1st Division. We believe that our new team roster and the confidence that we have gained through open division will carry us forward. Our goals going forward are to win 1st Division in Leg 3 and then place top 5 in Prem in leg 4. We wish to secure our spot at ComicCon and show everyone that we have arrived” - Johan “Seraphim” Muller, Captain

Team Interitus

The first leg of the VS Gaming League was incredibly disappointing for Interitus. With roster issues coming in to play, many of their games had to be rescheduled last minute. Two players had no internet for 2 weeks leading up to the start of the leg, so when the leg began they were woefully out of practice and it clearly showed. The first match of leg 1 was against NM.Validus, a team Interitus had beaten previously but we unable to overcome this time, suffering a loss at their hands. Interitus’ bad luck would not end there, as they lost every game thereafter, against Berzerk Gaming 2CP, Prodigy Rez, DDC Dominion, Perseus Rez and, most disappointing of all, against Project All Flex Rez who on the day only fielded 5 players. This leg was shattering for Interitus but they did not let it consume them. While they have dropped into the ladder division, they spent the entirety of leg 2 finding key players, practicing, scrimming, doing all they could to improve. While they played no games during leg 2, choosing instead to focus on improving themselves, they still managed to finish with enough ladder points to allow them back into first division! It was unexpected but we look forward to seeing how they rise to this new challenge ahead of them.

“This season has been incredibly hard on us as a team. We’ve lost players, gained players, had moments of sheer depression and moments of absolute elation. To say it’s been a rollercoaster would be an understatement … and yet, through it all, the core of my team has stayed positive. They have come to practice each week with excitement and hope and a willingness to be better than they were the week before. Yes, we had an awful first leg, but I am so proud of each and every person on my team. They make it so easy to keep going and I couldn’t ask for a better team. Going into leg 3, we just want to work as hard as we can. Our aim is to maintain a place in first division at the end of this leg and we will work to make that happen!” - Samantha “NaoriMizuki” Timms, Captain

Dota 2

Team Desolation

Leg 1 began for Desolation on an off-note, with losses to Goliath Gaming, MDKPerilous, CasualCrocodiles and AlphaStar Gaming. It was at this point that they were pitted against their brother team - Fragment. Coming up against a team within your own MGO is never fun. You want your brothers to succeed but you know that in order for you to move forward, they must lose this match. Despite their reservations, they came through with their first victory in leg 1. They then went on to win their games against Knights of Avernus and TCC The Abusement Park. With 4 losses and 3 wins, they were able to hold onto their spot in first division. They moved onto leg 2 feeling confident and looking forward to testing their mettle as a team once more.

Leg 2 began just as roughly as leg 1, with losses to Senior Squad, Tea, a forfeit to Tilted Inc, and another loss to Alpha Star Gaming. For their next game against MDKPerilous, they pulled through with the win but it was followed by a loss to OoD Wolves. Their last game of the leg they won but was recorded as a forfeit from Ludic Gaming as they left the league before accepting the scores. Unfortunately, Desolation will now drop into second division, but we look forward to seeing how they pull themselves up from these disappointing results.

“Two Players are leaving the roster now due to personal/work related issues and we have to recruit and try rebuild for the upcoming leg. Hopefully we can pull through with a solid roster and perform the way we should be. Going into Leg 3 is hard for us with the current situation of the team.” - Maru, Captain

League of Legends

At the time of writing, teams Vindicatus and Prominence had not submitted their matches and so we are unable to give accurate feedback on their progress. However, we can confirm that both League of Legends teams Vindicatus and Prominence have managed to maintain their spots in second division.

Over the course of this leg, we’ve had some awesome results, some disappointing results, and some downright heartbreaking results but rest assured that Omnius Gaming never backs down from a challenge and we will keep working and keep striving towards our goal of becoming a top MGO, of supporting our players no matter what, and we will never stop being proud of each and every member of the Omnius family.

As always, a huge thank you to our founder and leader, Papa Monix a.k.a Demonix. With every victory and every defeat we know that all of this is possible only because of you and everything you do for us.

That wraps up our mid-season coverage! Keep up the good work Omnius Gaming! We’ll see you all again in leg 3!

Written by - Samantha "NaoriMizuki" Timms