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Trying to source our logo for a upcoming Tournament, Stream, News Article or Social Media Post but feeling anti-social and shy? Then you've come to the right place *ahem* page! Here you'll find a quick guide on how we treat our CI as well as our logo in glorious hi-res to please your needs.

Our name

“Omnius Gaming” - the first section Omnius(Om-Ni-Us) is spelt as it should be and not to be confused with Ominous. It is not pronounced the same. We choose to spell the word as such because we wanted to be unique and a bit different.

The second section Gaming(Gei-min) is what brought our players together the love of gaming and competing competitively.

Our Logo

You can pair our logo with text or without any text. We recommend adding a subtle drop shadow with our logo even on dark backgrounds as it helps make the logo stand out.

Download Logo Assets

Our Colors

We normally bounce between these four colors with green being our main color of choice, pssh obviously.