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Locked and Loaded for VSL 2018

With the rosters set and locked, we are happy to announce the teams competing this year in the VS Gaming League.

On The CSGO Side of things we have our 2 teams - Competence & Somnium.

Competence Roster

  • Jonathan "owmo" Cox
  • Wilhelm "Wick_ed" du Preez
  • Jacques "Demonix" van der Horst
  • Nico "NiX" Zotti
  • Johann "Cannon" Greyling

Somnium Roster

  • Ettienne "LogiCs" du Plessis
  • De Wet "JoKeR" Fourie
  • Petrus "kr1os" Delport
  • Marcel "normaL." Brungs
  • Mitchell "WeeDie" Roberts

Rocking the DOTA plane we have 2 teams competing this year - Fragment and Desolation.

Fragment Roster

  • Coenraad "Fightmaster" Strydom
  • Duncan "Way2" Knoesen
  • Zack "Zetronion" De Klek
  • JayJay "SLASH3R" Rittman
  • Roben "Ino" Hitchcock

Desolation Roster

  • Desmond "Maru" van Rensburg
  • Ryan "Frank White" Hughes
  • JP "396000"Ford
  • Martin "falleN" Coetsee
  • Renier "Sir_SomeBody" Myburgh

Looking at Overwatch we have - Ominence and Interitus.

Ominence Roster

  • Johann "Seraphim" Muller
  • Hadley "d8a" Nieuwoudt
  • Ameen "TheBonusPackage" Solomon
  • Juan "M0r3Deeeath" Piaggio
  • Andrew "Omega" Banks
  • Matthew"R3as0n" Tilley

Interitus Roster

  • Samantha "NaoriMizuki" Timms
  • Michael "Mikerad" Rademeyer
  • Raymond "LinxMeister" Putter
  • Juri "FailFish" Jaric
  • Sidney "B1NaR1E" Roth
  • John "Sojourner " Couzens

League Of Legends
And roaming the Summoners Realm we have our 2 League of Legends Teams - Vindicātus and Prominence.

Vindicātus Roster

  • Brandon "TheFallen24" Dunn
  • Jayde "Reikyuubi" Wentzel
  • Andries "TorchedOak" Pretorius
  • Samuel "Bulletjie" Schutte
  • Dean "Fluffychicken" Theart

Prominence Roster

  • Kyle "Demonictouch" Brice
  • Kenneth "Soutie" Davidson
  • Chris "Wolfknight196"Pretorius
  • Dean "DrunkDean" Grobbler
  • Michael "HeroMeus" Jones
  • Chris "Sadpandatime69" Gerber

We wish everyone good luck in the qualifiers, may the best team win!