You might have seen us tweet about him and you might have joined into his epic streams, but its time to officially meet one of the Omnius Gaming Content Creators - Justin HavoKKGames du Toit!

We took some time to ask Justin a few questions so you guys can learn a bit more about our latest content creator. What he gets up to, when he is LIVE as well as where to follow him. Have a read down below!


Tell us a bit about yourself?

Not much to really tell, I'm a pretty run of the mill guy. When I was in High School I only played water polo as a sport, 1st team up until Matric when I had to stop due to a back injury, that's about the time I started getting serious into the competitive side of gaming and started off with LoL, nothing too serious, played some DGL but didn’t make it very far. I'm really into longboarding but more just a cruiser and anything behind a boat is mad fun as well. If there's a trance party in or around Cape Town, there's a good chance you'll find me on the D floor. I enjoy longboarding and anything behind a boat really, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, tubing, skurfing you name it I’ll give it a shot.

If I'm not streaming I'm either doing online courses to just add some skills to my repertoire or watching anime and reading manga, I am what you would call a WEEB!! Loud and proud about it! If I had to give my top 3 Anime, Bleach (fondest memories), The King’s Avatar (I mean c'mon no explanation needed) and Jujutsu Kaizen (Satoru Gojo is best boi). Otherwise, I'm spending time with my significant other Beka. We literally do everything together, she's my best friend outside of being my significant other.


What started you on your path with gaming?

The first game I can honestly remember playing was Hercules on Playstation 1 but I know I played on the old Atari and Sega devices with the cartridges back in the day but I never personally owned one. My cousin owned a PS2 at the time and was playing Buffy the vampire slayer on the PS2. The thing is I never played the game, she would offer it to me but I would just die so never really took much to it.

Then when I got my first console (Playstation 1) I got a hold of Hercules, took me about a week but I clocked the game on medium difficulty and the rest is just history. Ratchet and Clank, Crash Bandicoot, Jak n Daxter and Tekken are the games that I played most throughout my childhood well you know until COD 4 lobbies on X-Box. Pretty sure I don't need to say any more there LMAO.

Daily Routine

So what is your daily routine?

Haha, I don’t really have one, the closest I have to a routine would be my morning coffee, cereal turn on my PC and watch either Esports Talk or TheScore Esports if they have any videos I missed, check Twitter and then depending on if I’m streaming or doing something else that day I start to get ready and set up (set up if streaming of course).


What is your version of an Apocolypse?
And how as a gamer, would you survive in it?

Zombie Apocolypse … Give me an arsenal of weapons and say goodbye to the Zombies or goodbye to me! OH, I will also require a Monster truck and 10Kg of TNT, don’t ask questions just either nutt up or shut up!


Very important question - Pets do you have any?
And if so tell us a bit about your pet/pets

Unfortunately none, I love all animals, personally, not the biggest cat person but I think they’re still cute as heck and I love dogs absolutely adore doggos and well fish, birds, horses, monkeys you name it I’ve probably held it or pet it and I do love them, reptiles though do still kind creep me out and please don’t bring your snakes and tarantulas near me xD … but my living arrangements, unfortunately, don’t allow for pets.


How long do you stream for and on which days?

I usually stream for about 4 - 6 hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from between 3pm-4pm and sometimes I do start later but usually, I’m up to date on Twitter and you can keep up to date with all my times there if I am late.


On what socials can we reach you?

Mainly on my twitter - I do have a personal instagram but it's not used much otherwise catch me on my twitch! Arh-Woooooooooooooooo!!!

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