It's time to meet our second Omnius Gaming Content Creator - The man you might have seen as Late in the Game, the one behind the halarious GTVRP Highlights and overall clutch gamer - Clinton DutchWolfZA Nortjé!

We threw the same questions over to Clinton so you guys can learn a bit more about our him. What he gets up to, when he is LIVE as well as where to follow him. Have a read down below!


Tell us a bit about yourself?

Known as Wolf (the brainchild behind I have been working in the creative industry for the past 13 years. Qualified with a BA Degree in Communication Management specializing in Creative Brand Communication from Vega in 2008. I also enrolled & completed Media24’s first Future Skills course in 2020. From print to digital I have seen it all – currently Head of Design for TheSpaceStation (News24 & Netwerk24).

Dubbed as an old school gamer at 34 years of age. One thing that I have always been passionate about is gaming & the culture surrounding it. From a young age I was hosting LAN parties at my school, slugging around CRT monitors with an 8-port 10mb/s hub & charging R10 per seat to save up money to upgrade the LAN equipment. This was long before the days when online gaming was the norm. I have had my hands on early Atari systems right through the console ages with Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo & recently PC with a Nintendo Switch ready to grab on my desk. I have grown with the industry & trends.


What started you on your path with gaming?

I was lucky enough to have one of those knock-off systems with 72in1 games when I was growing up. The first time I laid eyes on it my mind was blown, the rest is history. Shoutouts to my parents!

Daily Routine

So what is your daily routine?

Usually starts with giving my fiance & cats a huge kiss followed by my day job 8-5pm. When I get a gap I put together some clips/highlights from the previous day’s stream & upload them to my socials. After work is done I prepare for the night's stream. I push myself to make content for both YouTube & Twitch. At nighttime I have dinner with Adele & we catch up before I start the stream or hang out for the night depending on the schedule. Balancing my relationship with my family & content creation is important to me.


What is your version of an Apocolypse?
And how as a gamer, would you survive in it?

The best way for me to describe it is similar to one of my favourite gaming franchises, Fallout. The human conflict ended up in Nuclear warfare. “War, war never changes”


Very important question - Pets do you have any?
And if so tell us a bit about your pet/pets

I have too many cats to mention & love them like family. We used to foster feral cats & try & find homes for them. Every batch had that one that no one wants to adopt & then he/she would end up joining our family permanently.


How long do you stream for and on which days?

Monday - Thursday: 16:30-18:30
Tuesday & Thursday: 20:00-00:00
Weekends: As much as I can.

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