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About Omnius


If you came here looking for our trade secrets then you've come to the right place! You might feel cheated or betrayed and it might not be what you expected, but this is what drives and motivates us - thus being our trade secret.


The Reasoning

Omnius Gaming started with 1 goal in mind. Set the Standard of what esports orgs can achieve in South Africa, if they have the right mindset, drive and passion. We wanted to show people that you don't neccesary need piles of cash or big investers(though that helps a lot! please give) to be at the standard and quality you so often see with international organisations or the already established orgs in the local scene.


So with this objective in mind how do we "set the standard" with our org and players?

We believe in having core pillars that help define the vision and mentality behind what we do. We believe having a well oiled machine enables better opportunities for all and that is why we make sure our players that join us understands this and upholds this. With our players working with us we try and be different in an engaging and fun way while also trying to bring as much exposure to our players as possible - to highlight their achievements, never ending grind and epic moments. With that we also want to help out players as much as possible to enable them to reach their goals.

So what about the owner?

Oh that guy? He is just some nobody noob dont worry about it! But... if you really want to know then sure why not.