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2019 and The Next Level

Compliments of the season, and a very happy New Year to you all! Omnius’ Elves have been hard at work over the festive season and now we are happy to announce some exciting things that we will be doing in 2019.

Team Updates

Before we get into our plans for the year, we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome a few new faces to the Omnius family. After reaching a fair amount of success at the VS Gaming Championships in 2018, we bade farewell to our CS team as they moved on to other opportunities - we wish them luck in all of their future endeavours! This left us with a spot to fill for the CS title, and we are incredibly excited to announce our newest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams: Celestial and Omnius Gaming CS:GO Academy!

On Celestial’s roster, we welcome:

  • Shane "bnY_" Rowntree ( Captain )
  • Kevin "Nexus" Roberts ( Vice Captain )
  • Herman "Sol" le Roux
  • Wiljahne "/mxngo" Smith
  • Leon "spoty" Palapies
  • Ryan "nebsteRR" Jarred

On our Academy Team roster, we welcome:

  • Juanru "OLD_NEW" Visser ( Captain )
  • Ryan "Doubtz" Van Rensburg
  • Luca "JvR" Janse van Rensburg
  • Jose "whazz" De Ornelas
  • Marco "Relayz" Goncalves
  • Tiago "sNse" Gonsalves

Last year, our CS:GO team had great success in the VS Gaming League and made their way to Comic Con, impressing many of their peers. We have high hopes for these new teams and look forward to seeing what they will achieve!

CS is not the only title that sees us welcoming some new faces. Since the launch of COD:BLOPS4, the PC scene has slowly started to gain a lot more traction and, in light of this, has been picked up as a title by the VS Gaming League. This is all in an attempt to help revive the scene in ZA. We are happy to announce that we have also decided to participate in the COD PC title, and we welcome the players from Collateral Damage to the Omnius family:

  • Renier "S1LV" Badenhorst ( Captain )
  • Chris "dire" Heydenrych
  • Jarred "PewPew" Benjamin
  • Kevin "Eff3cT1v3" Naude
  • Leon "TaKuMoTo" de Beer

This will be Omnius Gaming’s first venture into the world of COD and we’re happy to be taking this step with these phenomenal players!

Our DOTA2 roster has also received some changes:

  • Chad "_AlwaysONit_" Walker ( Captain )
  • Juandrè "Savage_Panda" Du Toit
  • Mark "Melkti3t" Reinecke
  • Matthew "P4rA" Henry Been
  • Kian "Odzit" Li Wan Po

So, here are the titles that we will be competing in, as well as the teams in each title:

Overwatch: OG Interitus

Counter Strike: Global Offensive: OG Celestial & OG Academy

League of Legends: OG Vindicātus

Call of Duty Black Ops 4: OG Collateral Damage

DOTA 2: OG Desolation

In the wake of VS’s decision to drop Hearthstone in favour of Artifact, we will also be entering one of our player into that title: Maru, formerly from our previous Dota 2 team Desolation.

Of course, VS Gaming is not the only tournament we will be participating in. With many tournaments taking place year round, we are setting our sites on VS, Mettlestate, WESG, ESEA & ZA Majors. This year is going to be filled to the brim with esports action and Omnius Gaming plans to be at the forefront of it all!

Player Swag Merch

New year - new us! A lot of things will be changing in the 2019 season, and player perks are no different. In mid-2017, you may recall that we released our very first player shirt. Last year, we released branded snapbacks. This year we have a lot of ideas in the pipeline - not the least of which will be brand new player shirts, as well as casual player shirts. These designs will be released on social media very soon, so keep your eye out for that! On top of that, we are introducing something new for all of our players: Player Lootboxes! All players under the Omnius brand will receive a free lootbox, inside which will be two (2) casual player shirts, and other branded items still to be announced - can’t give everything away yet, where’s the fun in that? A reminder that our Omnius store is live, and you can still order 2017/18 shirts, as well as our snapbacks. What are you waiting for??

Project Pets

Lastly, we would like to announce our charity initiative for the year. We at Omnius Gaming have a deep and abiding love for animals, and we know that many of our followers share our passion. We know the love that only your animal companion can give and when we look into the eyes of those precious beings it warms our hearts. Project Pets is an initiative we devised in order to attempt to help those animals that don’t have loving homes, but have been abandoned and left to be cared for by institutions. These institutions have hearts bigger than we can imagine, but limited funding and rely sometimes solely on the donations of others. It is our hope that you will join us in our mission to help these animals. Any donation, large or small, will go a long way to helping these fur babies.

This project’s website will be going live very soon. 100% of all donations will be given to an animal rescue institution in need, either in the form of money or food and supplies. We want to spread the love so we will be rotating institutions to make sure that as many animals as possible can benefit from your kindness. We will also have a “Wall of Heroes” on the website, where anyone who donates can send a picture of themselves to be featured for everyone to see! Finally, if you have a beloved pet that you want everyone to see - send us a picture, and we’ll feature them on our pet feed. This is a project that is very close to our hearts, and we hope that you share the same passion that we do.

That wraps up our first wave of announcements for the year. We have a lot of exciting things happening so please keep your eyes on our social media for updates. There, you will find updates on team progress throughout the various league, announcements about upcoming streamed games, information on Project Pets, and of course information on our exciting new merchandise. 2019 is in full swing and we’re looking forward to sharing all of its successes with you!

Written by - Samantha "NaoriMizuki" Timms