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No its not Eskom its supposed to look this dark


If you magically stumbled upon this site then fear not stranger, we welcome you!
This is the official site for the local Greenist South African Esports Organisation - Omnius Gaming.

While you are here, feel free to check out who our awesome players are in the Teams Section, or if you would like to read up on whats happening here at Omnius venture to our News section.

If you are just here for one thing only, to steal trade secrets then... we got you covered fam! - Sensitive and NDA-ish things can be found at our totally super secure About Omnius page ~ Good luck!

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Secret News

July 7, 2021

Let’s meet: DutchWolfZA

June 30, 2021

Let’s meet: HavoKKGames

December 30, 2020

Leaving Hard Old 2020 Behind

December 5, 2019

To 2020 the Journey Continues

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